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White Duifs Jelicious stilts act

White Doves 

White doves are a symbol of hope, love and peace worldwide. Be enchanted by these snow-white doves on stilts. They frolic around each other and create beautiful dance routines with their impressive wings. They leave an indelible impression on the audience. 


The doves of peace by Jelicious form a beautiful, feminine, graceful and above all eye-catching stilt act. The pigeon ladies flirt, stroll and marvel at every event where they will flaunt their wings, flapping in a glistening manner. 

The white doves on stilts are suitable for street theatre festivals and other festivals, shopping malls, parties, weddings, corporate events and openings, among other events. The act is especially suitable for weddings and events with the themes white or peace. The act is available in a group of 4 performers. The doves perform on 60 cm or 1 meter stilts. 

Vredesduifjes Jelicious photo by Reinout van Leeuwen.jpg
Doves 1.jpg
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