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Bluedoll in the forest

A show for children, performed on stilts. The show duration is about twenty minutes.

The life of the trees deep in the forest is calm and predictable. The green fairy takes care of the living trees, with a lot of love and a little bit of strictness. The green trees allow themselves to be pampered by the fairy every day, but also like to play and joke with each other. The four of them enjoy life, deeply hidden in the forest.

Their life changes when a small, sweet, blue creature appears out of thin air. She is left behind by people and is curious about the trees. She loves to play with them, but the green giants find her a bit strange.

Can Bluedoll become part of life in the big forest?

Bluedoll in the forest is a show performed on stilts and is suitable for street theatre festivals and other festivals, small events and parties.

The act is especially suitable for parties and events with children.

The green trees perform on stilts of 1,50 meters.

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