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Jellicious van Katoen 4 - Photographer Pim Geerts

Cotton On

The elegant sisters Anna, Hannah, Johanna en Suzannah celebrate their creative differences in their daily life.

They demonstrate this with embroidery from yarn and intricate knitting. In this way they make everything in life beautiful.

Anything from cross stitch displayed on a leaf to a line of wool situated in the air. On their high stilts they are able to decorate lantern poles, trees and any other everyday object with their embroidery and their love. 

The beauty of these sisters is reflected in their joy and enthusiasm for even the smallest of things. They love to share their happiness with the public and by dancing on their high stilts. If you are lucky, the sisters will show their delicate, hand-embroidered wings.

The sisters share their wisdom with their surroundings and their audience by handing out special cards with their quotes or by using them in decorating the environment. 

The sisters invite the audience to take time out of their busy lives and enjoy the oasis of peace they create... just watch them enjoy every little moment.

This act is suitable for street theatre festivals and other festivals, shopping malls, parties, corporate events and openings, among other events.

This stiltact is especially suitable for events with the themes needlework and mindfulness.

The decoration of the acts can be adapted to the event (on request).

The act Cotton On is available in a group of 2 - 4 performers.

The sisters perform on stilts of 1 meter.

Jellicious van Katoen 4 - foto Pim Geerts - PIMG0599.JPG
Jelicious Cotton On Wintertuin Baarn - fotografie Pim Geerts - PIM_1401.JPG
website Jellicious - fotografie Pim Geerts - PIM_1124.JPG
Jellicious van Katoen 4 - foto Pim Geerts - PIMG0745_edited.jpg
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