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Jellicious Table - photo Pim Geerts -

Tea for Two

In 2019, Jelicious makes furniture pieces for the performance: Tea for Two.

"Would you like to come out walking? Said the table to the chair. I've been standing here forever and I'd like to take the air"

With the FURNITURE PIECES project, Jelicious brings into motion furniture pieces inspired by the La Belle Epoque period.

An ode to rich materials, a gracious world of colours and opulence that has been brought to life as a collection of colourful curiosities.

The first piece of furniture is The Table

Jellicious Tafeltje - foto Pim Geerts - PIMG0385.JPG
Tafel en Aurelie.jpg
Jellicious Tafeltje - foto Pim Geerts - PIMG0406.JPG
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