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the living table lamps

Jelicious makes furniture for the performance: Tea for Two, Three, Four.


Would you like to go for a walk with us? The table asked the chair. Standing still in the room gives me such a stiff feeling.


With the FURNITURE PIECES project, Jelicious sets the furniture inspired by the La Belle Époque period into motion. An ode to rich materials, a graceful world of colours and opulence that has been brought to life as a collection of colourful curiosities.


The first piece of furniture was The Table. At STRTFSVL 2024 the first living table lamp was presented. Lux: the living table lamps are available as a duo from May on. 

This act is suitable for street theatre festivals and other festivals, shopping centres, parties, corporate events and openings.

The Lux act can be booked in a group of 2 or 3 performers when combined with the table from Tea for Two.

The act is performed on stilts of 65 cm.

Jelicious_0314 copy.jpg
Jelicious_0302 - resized.jpg
Jelicious_0193 - resized.jpg
Jelicious_0226 copy.jpg
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