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Golden Trees

Golden Trees

Do you hear the fragile French whisper in the rustle of the pearls and leaves? Among the golden branches with pearl-colored leaves are mysterious ladies hidden. They start to move very elegantly, the music swells, and suddenly you find yourself in the company of graceful art-nouveau tree creatures on stilts. Imagine yourself in Paris with these French ladies on high, golden stilts. 

Meet Mademoiselle Aurélie: her radiant appearance is enchanting. Mademoiselle Aurélie is closely watching the Golden Trees with her magic magnifying glass. With great eyes of amazement, she is observing this strange world. Now and then she starts dancing a beautiful dance among these golden trees. 

Mother Nature was the greatest source of inspiration for these artistically styled tree figures. Let them take you to long gone times. Let yourself be surprised and seduced by this alienating stilt act that speaks to the imagination.



The golden trees are suitable for street theatre festivals and other festivals, shopping malls, parties, corporate events and openings, among other events.

The act is available in a group of 2 - 3 performers.

The living, golden trees perform on stilts of 1,50 meters. 

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